Jessup Farm Artisan Village


Located at the northern end of the Bucking Horse Community on Timberline between Prospect and Drake, the Jessup Farm Artisan Village brings to life the farmstead of one of Fort Collins’ early settlers.

Neighbors gather and friends drop by for coffee, a bite to eat, a little shopping, and more.

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The Businesses at Jessup Farm

Photos of The Village

Want to take your own photos?

Go right ahead! The Jessup Farm Artisan Village plaza is open to the public for photography. Please remember to be respectful of the businesses and do not block any of their entrances. Enjoy your photoshoot and don't forget to tag Jessup Farm!

Native Grass Restoration Project

We're in midst of a multi-year native grass restoration project at Jessup Farm and the surrounding Bucking Horse neighborhood. Native grass requires substantially less water to maintain and is hardier in years of drought, but in order to allow it to flourish we have to let it grow long this season so it can go to seed. We appreciate your patience with the current look - in the long run the grass will be a great asset to the sustainability of our City!

Native grass at Jessup Farm/Bucking Horse facts:

  • Saves Jessup Farm and Bucking Horse 55 million gallons of water each year.

  • Prevents 6,000 pounds of CO2 from being emitted per year by lawn maintenance equipment. 

  • Provides excellent wildlife habitat for rabbits, deer, birds, insects and small mammals that rely on grasses for food, nesting, and coverage